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Consul General


MARICHU BARREDO MAURO is a foreign service career officer currently assigned as the seventh Consul General to the Philippine Consulate in Milan, Italy.

She is the youngest child of Dionisio Mauro, an accountant and insurance executive and Agapita Barredo, a public school teacher.Born in Manila, Philippines, Ms. Mauro studied Economics at the University of the Philippines and took graduate studies in International Relations and Development at the Institute for Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Early life
Ms. Mauro was raised in a typical middle class Filipino environment. She spent most of her childhood in Makati City. The youngest of four children, her siblings have all migrated to the United States. Her fervor for public service and representing her country was inspired by her public school teacher mother. Her mother Agapita, did not just teach in a public school, her mother specialized in teaching special needs children. Her mother also inspired her to remain in the Philippines despite opportunities to join her siblings in the US.

Early career
Shortly after graduation from the University of the Philippines, Ms. Mauro worked for the Bureau of International Trade Relations (BITR) of the Department of Trade and Industry as a Specialist and later on Senior Specialist for its International Trade Group from 1988 to 1995. She handled international trade policies, market access issues with Philippine bilateral trading partners and participated in various bilateral and regional meetings representing Philippine national economic and trade interests.

Diplomatic Career
Ms. Mauro passed the Foreign Service Officer examinations in 1994 and was immediately assigned to the Economic Diplomacy Unit because of her academic background and her stint at DTI. However in 1996, she was appointed Acting Director at the Office of the Middle East and African Affairs and her stay at this office will direct the course of her first foreign assignment. For her first foreign assignment, Ms. Mauro was sent to the Middle East first as Third Secretary to the Embassy of the Philippines in Manama, Bahrain in 1997 and then as Second Secretary to the Embassy of the Philippines in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2001.On both occasions, Ms. Mauro was in charge of political, economic, socio-cultural and community relations. It was a very interesting time for the fresh career diplomat and an important experience as the six years she spent in the Middle East will lay a good foundation for her future assignments especially in the area of community relations.

Ms. Mauro returned to the Home Office in 2003 as Special Assistant in the Office of the Undersecretary for Special Concerns and was made in-charge of issues relating to the Philippine peace processes. She also handled issues on gender and development, anti-terrorism and transnational crimes. In 2005, Ms. Mauro was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat under the Office of the Undersecretary for Special Concerns.

The two years Ms. Mauro spent in Manila were once again important in molding the career path of her diplomatic career. In 2006, Ms. Mauro was assigned as First Secretary and Consul to the Embassy of the Philippines to Belgium and Luxembourg and Philippine Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. From 2006 to 2008, Ms. Mauro was in-charge of Philippine relations with Belgium and Luxembourg, public diplomacy, cultural and Filipino community relations, and conduct of overseas absentee voting.

In 2008, after her promotion to Career Minister, Ms. Mauro shifted from handling bilateral issues in the Embassy to multilateral work in the Philippine Mission to the EU. She was made in-charge of Philippine relations with the European Union and oversaw ASEAN-Brussels Committee activities. As Consul still, she remained in-charge of the Embassy’s public diplomacy and community relations.

In 2009, aside from being Career Minister, Ms. Mauro became Consul General of the Embassy of the Philippines to Belgium and Luxembourg and Philippine Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. As Consul General, she became overall head of the Consular section of the Embassy and oversaw and managed the daily operations of the Embassy and Mission. Ms. Mauro also coordinated and oversaw the activities of the attached services to ensure the implementation of the Embassy’s one-country team approach. She remained in-charge of Philippine relations with the European Union and continued to oversee the Embassy’s participation in the ASEAN-Brussels Committee and other multilateral relations. She also remained in-charge of the Embassy’s public diplomacy and community relations.

In March of 2012, Ms. Mauro returned to Manila and assumed the position of Executive Director of the Office of European Affairs in the Home Office. Ms. Mauro oversaw the general operations of the Office and provided support to the Assistant Secretary for European Affairs in the promotion of Philippine relations with Europe.

In April 2014, Ms. Mauro left Manila to assume as the new Consul General of the Philippine Consulate in Milan, Italy.

Ms. Mauro obtained proficiency in the French Language (spoken and written) during her assignment to Belgium. She perceived that becoming proficient in the French language would be a great advantage in the performance of her duties. She started taking French language courses in 2007 at the University of Brussels and once she has finished all the relevant levels at the University, she furthered her studies by participating in conversation tables first at Centre d’Etudes de Français then at the Marie Haps Institute, the language centre for professional interpreters and civil servants working in EU institutions.

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