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Profile of SSS Milan Representative Office

Date established in Milan: January 2001
Areas of Jurisdiction: Milan, Bologna, Torino, Venezia, Padova and other provinces of Northern Italy
Location: Philippine Consulate General Via Stromboli #1, 20144 Milan, Italy

Website: www.sss.gov.ph

Wilma M. Ortiz
SSS Representative Officer
May 2014 - present

Lester Paul S. Mata
SSS Representative Roving
December 2012 - present

Services Offered:

1. Issuance of SSS number
2. Screening and Receiving of claims
3. Online Verification (SS number, contributions, loans and claims, posting of repayments, correction of data, change in banks, monthly pension history, stoppage of pension)
4. Confirmation of pensioners (ACOP)
5. Counselling
6. ID Capturing (Monday & Thursday)
7. Issuance of SSS number Tag
8. Follow-up of claims
9. Cancellation of two or more SSS numbers

SSS Programs for Overseas Filipinos

Filipinos working abroad have the distinct advantage of enjoying the benefits of a two-tiered social security scheme. The first layer is the Regular OFW Coverage Program, which is the Basic Pension Program that serves as a safety net which was implemented in August 1995. But since many of our members complain that pensions provided under the Regular Program are not sufficient to give them a comfortable life after retirement, we introduced a second layer of protection. This second layer is the Flexi-Fund Program, a supplementary program that doubles as a pension and savings plan. This second scheme was launched in July 2001 and was adopted as the National Provident Fund for OFWs in May 2002.

Regular Program

Who are covered under this program?
The program covers all OFWs not over 60 years old, whether previously a member or not.

When does the coverage of an OFW member take effect?
Coverage of an OFW takes effect upon payment of the first monthly contribution.

How does one register as an OFW (New) member?
Visit the nearest SSS office and secure an Overseas Worker Record Form (SSS Form OW-1). Fill out the form and submit with any of the following documents:

* Birth Certificate
* Driver's License
* PRC Card
* Baptismal Certificate or its equivalent * Passport
* Seaman's Book

What will be the basis of monthly contributions?
The monthly contributions will be based on the monthly earnings declared at the time of registration, computed in Philippine pesos. (Please refer to the Schedule of Contributions below)

Where will payments be made?
* Iremit
* Ventaja tie-up agents
* BOC tie-up agents

Contributions in any given year may be paid within the same year except for the last quarter wherein payment is extended up to 31 January of the following year.

What are the benefits and loan privileges of an OFW member? OFWs are entitled to various benefits and loan privileges, provided qualifying conditions for entitlement are met. To ensure higher benefits and privileges you can continue to pay your monthly contributions until you reach the age of 60 or 65 years old.


* Sickness
* Maternity
* Retirement
* Disability (Partial/Total) * Death
* Funeral


* Salary
* Educational loan
* Business loans

Flexi-Fund Program

What is the SSS Flexi-Fund?
The SSS Flexi-fund is a voluntary provident fund for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It is an additional service of the SSS on top of its regular OFW membership. The program gives OFWs the opportunity to set aside part of their Flexi-fund contributions, thus providing good security for their future.

What are the benefits under the Flexi-fund program?
The Flexi-fund Program is a pension plan and savings account rolled into one. Primarily, it aims to supplement the pension benefits under the regular OFW coverage. Members who reach retirement or become disabled will receive their benefits, equal to their total Flexi-fund contributions plus earnings, either in the form of monthly pension, lump-sum payment or combination of both.

Why is the SSS Flexi-fund a good investment?
Flexi-fund contributions are invested entirely in government securities. Interest earnings are computed based on the average rate of SSS’ short-term placements or 91-day Treasury bill rate, whichever is higher, thus ensuring a transparent, high-yielding and risk-free investment of members' hard-earned income abroad.

Who may enroll in the Flexi-fund Program?
The Flexi-fund Program is exclusive to OFW members who are paying contributions based on the prevailing maximum monthly salary credit (MSC) under the regular SSS coverage program. Enrollment is done using SSS Flexi-Fund Enrollment Form, indicating application for Flexi-fund membership, to be submitted to any SSS Foreign Representative office . Local SSS branches also accept SSS Flexi-Fund Enrollment Form but will require registrants to present valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or E-receipt issued by the POEA as proof of pending deployment.

How can OFWs contribute to the SSS Flexi-fund?
Contributions can be made anytime, provided the Flexi-fund member has paid the maximum monthly SSS contribution (currently at P1,760) for the applicable period. Any amount, not less than P200, paid in excess of the required contribution will be posted to the member's Flexi-fund account and earn interest (e.g., if total payment for applicable month of January is P2,000, the amount of P1,760 will be for regular SSS and P240 for Flexi-fund).

Can Flexi-fund deposits also be withdrawn? What are the requirements?
Flexi-fund members may opt to apply for early withdrawal of their accumulated funds, either in full or partial lump sum, in case of urgent financial needs. Pre-termination fees, however, will be imposed on withdrawal of contributions that have stayed in the Fund for less than a year.

For all Flexi-fund benefit claims, including early withdrawals, use SS Form DDR-2, which is also downloadable from the SSS website. This should be submitted to any local SSS branch, together with 1x1 ID picture and photocopy of SSS digitized ID card or passport, for claim settlement.

Apply Now! Visit our SSS Milan Representative Office or download the Personal Record Form (E- 1) at www.sss.gov.ph.

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