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Dual Citizenship

Natural-born citizens of the Philippines who have lost their Philippine Citizenship by reason of their naturalization as citizens of a foreign country may re-acquire Philippine Citizenship upon taking their oath of allegiance to the Republic (Republic Act No. 9225 or Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003).

Requirements for application:

1. Original and 3 photocopies of PSA-Authentic Birth Certificate, if born in the Philippines;
2. Original and 3 photocopies of Report of Birth (ROB), if born abroad;
3. Original and 3 photocopies of PSA-Authentic Marriage Certificate, if married;
4. PSA issued Death Certificate, if widowed (original and 3 photocopies)
5. Original and 3 photocopies of old Philippine passport;
6. Two current ID photographs (2X2”; white background);
7. Italian Passport or Carta d’Identità (original and 3 photocopies);
8. Certificato di Cittadinanza Italiana and/or Atti di Cittadinanza Italiana from the Comune (date of acquisition of the foreign citizenship must be indicated; original and 2 photocopies);Estratto per Riassunto Atto di Nascita
9. Payment of the application fee of €45,00.

For inclusion of minor child born to non-Filipino parents:

1. Atti di Nascita with Annotation (3 photocopies);
2. Certificato di Cittadinanza Italiana (3 photocopies);
3. Italian Passport (3 photocopies);
4. Two (2) current photographs or pictures(2X2; white background)
5. Payment of the additional fee for a minor child: €22.50.

*Minor applicants should file Report of Birth before applying for Philippine passport

Schedule of Oath of Allegiance to be relayed to applicant via phone call.