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Consul General Marichu Mauro hosts Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night for Filcom Organizations

Consul General Marichu Mauro delivers her keynote speech in front of Filcom leaders during the Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night on 16 March 2018 at the Philippine Consulate General in Milan.

Consul General Marichu Mauro hosted the 2018 Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night for Filipino Community organizations in Milan and northern Italy on Thursday, 15 March 2018, at the new site of the Philippine Consulate General in Milan (Milan PCG) at Viale Stelvio 71.

Consul General Mauro, who is soon to assume her post as the new Philippine Ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil regularly host the event as a way of recognizing Filcom organizations for their invaluable support to the Consulate the previous year and for their efforts to promote unity and harmony among Filipinos in the consular jurisdiction of Milan PCG, which encompasses Milan and Northern Italy.

The 2018 Thanksgiving and Appreciation Night was also an occasion for Consul General Mauro to present to the Filcom leaders the permanent site of Milan PCG, one of the major achievements during her tenure in Milan PCG.

In her keynote speech, Consul General Mauro conveyed her appreciation to the Filcom leaders for keeping the “bayanihan” spirit alive among Filipinos in Italy. She noted that a number of Filipino nationals have already elected Italian citizenship but they remain Filipinos by heart.

Consul General Mauro mentioned that Milan PCG is not just a work place but it also served as her home and place of learning for the last four (4) years and that she will always be indebted to the leaders and members of the Filcom who have played an essential role towards her success and that of Milan PCG.

Consul General Mauro told the audience it is time for her leave Milan PCG and she is doing so with lots of good memories and experience with the Filcom. She expressed hope that the Filcom will stay united and continue to respect to one another. She also requested the leaders to shower her successor with the same kind of solid support that they extended to her during her term in Milan PCG.

Some Filcom leaders went on stage to express their appreciation to Consul General Mauro not only for improving the services of Milan PCG and the unifying influence that she had for the Filcom in Milan and northern Italy but also for the good image that she projected not just for Milan PCG but for the Philippine government in general during her stay in Milan.

During the program, Consul General Mauro awarded certificates of appreciation to 20 leaders and 86 Filcom organizations for their support to Milan PCG.

The event concluded with a photo session, which was followed by the traditional Pinoy fellowship and salu-salo.

Consul General Marichu Mauro awards a certificate of appreciation to one of the organizations in recognition of their support to the efforts of Milan PCG.

Photo session with one group of Filcom leaders in Milan and northern Italy.

Consul General Marichu Mauro answers to a question by Mr. Chet de Castro of GMA Network Italy.