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Milan PCG Joins Thousands of Filipinos in Opening First Jollibee Branch in Europe

Consul General Marichu Mauro joins the thousands of Filipinos from all over Italy for the soft opening of Jollibee’s first branch in Europe today, 18 March 2018. Located near the famous “Duomo” or the Cathedral of Milan in the heart of the city, Jollibee’s first store in Europe saw thousands of Filipinos go through its doors on its first day of operations. Many of them came as early as dawn to line up for their favorite Jollibee food products and most felt nostalgic especially those who have not had Jollibee for many years.

Welcoming Consul General Mauro was Mr. Dennis Flores, President of Jollibee’s International Business Group and other officials of the company. Mr. Flores thanked the Philippine Consulate General in Milan for warmly receiving the Jollibee officials during their first visit in 2014, and eventually for facilitating the company’s entry into the Italian market.

“Milan PCG is truly honored with the opening of Jollibee because they chose Milan to establish their first branch in Europe. Based on today’s turnout, many of our kababayans still yearn for Jollibee and are now excited and thankful that Jollibee is bringing the taste of Philippines here in Italy”, remarked Consul General Marichu Mauro in an interview with ABS-CBN news.

Many Filipinos came from as far as Switzerland, Germany and Austria, just to join the celebration of Jollibee’s opening in Milan.

Milan PCG assisted Jollibee since 2014 when its officials visited Milan to scan the market and explore possibilities of establishing its first branch in Europe. The Consulate searched for a possible Italian partner company, arranged meetings with the Milan Chamber of Commerce, and facilitated the promotion of Jollibee in the Italian market.