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Milan PCG launches 2018 observance of National Women’s Month

On Thusday, 8 March 2018, the Philippine Consulate General in Milan (Milan PCG) launched the observance of the 2018 National Women’s Month with a simple program at the chancery in Viale Stelvio 71 – Via Bernina, Milan, Italy.

The program, which was attended by members of the Filipino community in Milan and northern Italy and the full complement of Milan PCG and the attached agencies, started with the singing of the “Lupang Hinirang” followed by a brief message of Consul General Marichu Mauro about the significance of the observance.

In her message, Consul General Mauro cited that Filipino women are not only well-regarded but have proven themselves in Philippine society as shown by the high of number women leaders who have served in all branches of government and in the private sector. She, however, mentioned that in spite of advances in promoting women’s rights, there are still women who are disadvantaged brought about by political realities, economic conditions and traditions. The observance, she added, is meant to raise public awareness on the plight of these women and to encourage measures that would alleviate their situation.

The program concluded with a photo session and refreshments followed by the showing of the movie “Tadhana” at the consular waiting area. Milan PCG also opened a one day special lane for women applicants at its public counters.

Other highlights of the observance include a month-long display at the chancery’s ground floor lobby, featuring the three (3) lady Consuls General of Milan PCG including Consul General Mauro, paintings and other representations that depict the important role that women play in society.

Prior to the launching program, Milan PCG has posted the digital banner of the month-long observance in its current web site