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Filipino Community Organization holds Cultural Event to Support Charity Activities and Promote PHL Tourism

The Associazione Culturale Filippina del Piemonte (ACFIL) held its 8th Search for Mr. and Ms. ACFIL at Corso Dante 14, Turin, Italy, on Sunday, 3 December 2017. Working under theme “Dunong Susi sa Magandang Kinabukasan”, the event, which featured a total of 11 candidates vying for the title of Mr. and Ms. ACFIL, intented to raise funds to support ACFIL’s various community-related activities and promote PHL tourism. The Philippine Consulate General in Milan sent its representatives to grace the occasion.

In her message, which was delivered by Consul Mersole Mellejor, Consul General Marichu Mauro thanked ACFIL for its contribution in promoting PHL culture, language and tourism through its activities and for providing assistance to fellow Filipinos. She congratulated ACFIL for yet another successful year in its 21-year history as an organization. She underscored that Milan PCG will continue to work productively with Filcom organizations in Northern Italy, including ACFIL, in reaching out to Filipinos and their families and in promoting stronger people-to-people relations between PHL and Italy.

It was notable that Tagalog was used for the whole duration of the program.

Consul Mellejor also took the opportunity to update the audience, composed primarily of Filipinos, on Milan PCG’s consular services and to campaign for the ongoing overseas voter registration for the 2019 national elections.

ACFIL, which was founded in 1996, is a duly-registered non-political, non-partisan and non-profit organization. Its numerous activities primarily include the provision of services to Filipinos and their families in the Piemonte Region of Italy. It also organizes cultural and sports events.

Counter clockwise from top left: Consul Mersole J. Mellejor delivers the message of Consul General Marichu Mauro during the 2017 Search for Mr. and Ms. Acfil in Turin, Italy, on 3 December 2017; A group presentation featuring the Kadayawan Festival; The President of ACFIL Ms. Rosalie Bajade-Cuballes presents her annual report; Presentation of fast winners of Mr. and Ms. ACFIL.