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Workers’ rights champion meet Filipinos in Turin

Consul General Marichu Mauro (2nd from left) and Deputato Antonio Boccuzzi (3rd from right) are joined by Vice Consul Dacanay, Labor Attache Bunag, Atty Sombilla and Atty Ambrosio

Italian House of Representatives member, Honorable Antonio Boccuzzi, met with the Filipino communities of the Piemonte Region during a special assembly in Turin on 14 October 2017 entitled Insieme con I Filippini (Together with the Filipinos).

Organized by Centro Studi San Carlo and lawyers group Ambrosio & Commodo in cooperation with the Philippine Consulate General in Milan, the special assembly brought together experts and professionals who presented their services to Filipinos living in the Piemonte region of Italy.

Deputato (member of Parliament) Bocuzzi is a well-known champion of workers’ rights whose proposals in the Camera dei Deputati del Parlamento Italiano include the prevention of labor exploitation of irregular immigrants. He has also advocated for the improvement of benefits provided by INPS and INAIL – the social security programs of Italy, and the harmonization of the discipline in the field of flexible work as well as facilitating early retirement of workers. Atty. Renato Ambrosio of lawyers group Ambrosio & Commodo, facilitated the participation of Deputato Bocuzzi in the meeting with the Filipino leaders.

Cognizant of Filipinos being one of the largest migrant workers communities in Italy, Deputato Boccuzzi is very interested in the welfare of Filipino workers in the country. In his address, he promised to work towards facilitating the bilateral agreement between the Philippines and Italy on social security cooperation which will enable portability of pensions between the two countries.

Consul General Marichu Mauro was very thankful for the participation of Deputato Boccuzzi at the event. The Consul General and her team also took the opportunity to meet with the Deputato on the sidelines of the event to discuss on how he could assist more in promoting the rights of Filipino workers in Italy.