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Jollibee to open soon in Milan

Consul General Marichu Mauro discusses the opening of first Jollibee store in Milan with Mr. Dennis Flores, Vice-President for International markets, Mr. Rodel Alcantara, Assistant Vice President, and Mr. Vladimir Rejano, head for real Estate- International Operations with Italian business partners.

Jollibee is all set to open its very first branch in Europe within the next few months. The first Jollibee store in Europe will be opening in Milan sometime between December this year and January 2018.

Corporate officers from Jollibee Foods Corporation met with Consul General Marichu Mauro of the Philippine Consulate General in Milan to discuss the opening of the Milan branch.

Mr. Dennis Flores, Vice President and Head of International Markets along with Mr. Rodel Alcantara, AVP, Market Head (Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), and Mr. Vladimir Rejano, Real Estate Head – International Operations made the announcement to the Consul General on 10 October 2017.

Mr. Flores and company expressed their appreciation to the Consul General for making Jollibee’s first foray in Europe a possibility.

“We are truly grateful to the Consul General and her team for all the assistance they have given us to open a Jollibee in Milan. With the opening of this branch, we can now say that Jollibee is truly a global brand,” Mr. Flores said.

Since 2014, PCG Milan has been coordinating closely with Jollibee to help them set up a branch of the iconic Filipino brand in Milan. The Consulate assisted JFC in their search for an Italian business partner and organized several meetings with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Italian food conglomerates. PCG Milan also assisted Jollibee with its staffing requirements for its branch.

Consul General Mauro heartily welcomed the news of the opening in Milan of the iconic Filipino brand. “When JFC approached us to seek our help in bringing Jollibee to Italy and to Europe, we wholeheartedly offered our assistance. Jollibee is a great Filipino heritage brand and my team and I were very earnest to help bring Jollibee to the attention of the Italian market. We are very proud that we have helped in some way to making this venture a reality,” the Consul General said.

The Jollibee Milan branch will open in the very center of the city, near the iconic Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) and within easy reach of residents and tourists alike.