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Milan PCG brings services closer to Filipinos in Vicenza

The Philippine Consulate General in Milan rendered 141 services including renewal of 87 passports in the consular outreach held in Vicenza in the Veneto Region of Italy.

Consul General Marichu Mauro led the consular team and met with the leaders of the Filipino community in Vicenza to listen to their concerns

Continuing her policy of bringing the Philippine Consulate closer to the Filipino community, Consul General Mauro regularly takes time to meet with Filipino leaders all over Northern Italy. She discussed important announcements and programs of the Consulate including the anti-drug campaign AGAD or Action Group Against Drugs project of Milan PCG.

The Filipino leaders discussed the regular conduct of sports events to give the members of their community activities that will occupy them instead of turning to drugs.

Joining Consul General Mauro at the meeting were newly-arrived Labor Attaché, Atty. Corina Padilla-Buñag and OWWA Welfare Officer, Ms. Jocelyn Hapal.

Atty. Buñag and Ms. Hapal discussed the many programs of POLO and OWWA.

All the leaders were very interested in availing of the free training programs being offered by POLO/OWWA such as Basic Computer/ IT courses and UsapangKabuhayan/Financial Education and Literacy.

Both Atty. Buñag and Ms. Hapal assured the leaders that as long as they can provide a proper venue and the required minimum number of participants, they are qualified to avail of all their programs.

The Filipino leaders conveyed positive feedback for all the projects and programs of the Philippine Consulate and were grateful for the consular outreach being rendered to their community. They also affirmed that many positive changes have happened since 2014 for the promotion of the Filipinos’ welfare in Northern Italy. END