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4th Forum on the Formation of Family Values and the Dangers of Early Pregnancy

Consul General Marichu Mauro speaking with the Filipino youth in Bologna about the importance of family values

The Philippine Consulate General in Milan, in collaboration with the Federation of Filipino Associations, Bologna (FEDFAB) and the Filipino Women’s League (FWL), conducted its fourth Forum on the Formation of Family Values and the Dangers of Early Pregnancy, this time in Bologna, Italy on 01 April 2017.

“This activity is a reminder on the importance of family values”, Consul General Marichu Mauro told the participants during her welcome remarks.

“The Consulate does not expect to see immediate reforms among our youth after a one-hour seminar. Through this activity, I hope that the Consulate will somehow instill among the participants the importance of the Filipino family values”, Consul General Mauro concluded.

The resource speakers, Ms. Lynn Lopez, El Shaddai Group Coordinator in Bologna, and Ms. Aimee Sanchez, Jesus is Lord Bologna area pastor, discussed the importance of families, its role and functions, as well as the roles of the youth in the family and in the community. In addition, they also lectured on the dangers of early pregnancy and unsafe sex.

The forum was concluded with an open forum wherein the participants insightfully shared their ideas and thoughts about the prevalent issues among the Filipino youth and families.

Mr. Aurelio Galamay, President of The Federation of Filipino Associations, Bologna expressing his gratitude to the Consulate for organizing the activity (left photo); Vice Consul Flaureen Dacanay addressing the audience during her opening remarks (right photo)

Group photo after the forum with Consul General Marichu Mauro (seated 5th from left), Vice Consul Flaureen Dacanay (seated 4th from right), Ms. Aimee Sanchez of JIL Bologna, Ms. Lynn Lopez of El Shaddai Bologna, Ms. Mercedita de Jesus of the Filipino Women’s League Bologna, and the participants