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PCG Milan’s Vice Consul Flaureen Dacanay (center) is joined by Honorary Consul in Turin, Avv. Maria Grazia Cavallo (2nd from right), Fr John Benna, (left), speakers from the Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (INPS) and leaders of the Filipino Communities of Piemonte.

The Philippine Consulate General in Milan, in collaboration with the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Turin, organized an Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS) seminar on 06 May 2017 in the Filipino Chaplaincy in Turin, so kababayans in Piemonte can better understand INPS regulations, processes and services and the rights and benefits available to them. INPS is the equivalent of the Social Security System in the Philippines.

Dr. Giuseppe Baldino, General Manager of INPS Piemonte, Dr. Giovanni Firera, Communications Manager of INPS Piemonte, and Dr. Monica Cerutti, the Assessor for Equal Opportunities for Civil Rights, Immigration and Co-operation of the Comune di Torino, expounded on the conference theme “Information on Social Benefits to the Philippine Community.” Recognizing the significant contributions of Filipino migrant workers, INPS-Piemonte has included the Filipino community in their intercultural project entitled “Conosci I’INPS” (Do you know INPS). The Federation of Filipino Associations in Piemonte (FEDFAP), led by its President Mario Pedrialva, assisted in the successful execution of the event.

Since 2015, PCG Milan has been working closely with INPS to better understand its regulations and pass on this knowledge to Filipino communities so they become aware of their rights and take advantage of the benefits available with their INPS memberships. END