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PDEA Director General Isidro S. Lapeña delivers his address before the Filipino Community at the Oratorio di Chiesa Santa Maria del Carmine on 15 May 2017.

Honorable Isidro S. Lapeña, Director General of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), met with the Filipino Communities of Milan and Northern Italy at the Oratorio di Chiesa Santa Maria del Carmine on 15 May 2017.

The highly-anticipated meeting was arranged by the Philippine Consulate General in Milan as part of its efforts to spread awareness on the ill-effects of drug abuse and trafficking, and give momentum to its initiative called the Action Group Against Drugs (AGAD).

In his talk, Director General Lapeña explained the extent of the drug problem in the Philippines which has been regarded both as a national security threat and a public health issue. He used the occasion to highlight the accomplishments of the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, citing the significant drop in criminality and the widespread positive perception among Filipinos about their safety.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Vincenzo Cristiano, President of ALA Milano Onlus, a non-profit organization, conveyed his support to the Philippine Consulate and Filipino Communities, particularly in the implementation of AGAD projects. He said ALA Milano could provide experts in the areas of advocacy, training, and rehabilitation.

In her closing address, Consul General Marichu Mauro thanked Director General Lapeña for gracing the event, and all the attendees and organizations for their active participation. She then called on all Filipinos in Milan and Northern Italy to join the AGAD initiative and work together in addressing the drug problem.

Filipinos outside Milan, such as Modena, Padova, Turin, Genova, Verona, and Trieste, were in attendance to welcome Director General Lapeña and give their full support to the Philippine Consulate. END