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Outstanding Filipino Workers Award celebrated in Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy- More than 500 Filipinos from all over Italy gathered together for the annual Outstanding Filipino Worker (OFW) Awards organized by the Federation of Filipino Communities and Associations in Italy (FEDERFIL), supported by its member organization based in Milan, SODALIS and Friends, and the Federation of Filipino Associations in Piemonte Region in Northern Italy. The Philippine Consulate General in Milan was also a partner organizer of the event.

Consul General Marichu Mauro of the Philippine Consulate General in Milan was the guest of honor at the awarding ceremony held on 4 December 2016 in a restaurant located in the heart of the city. Acting Labor Attaché and OWWA Officer, Ms. Jocelyn Hapal, was also in attendance to represent Philippine Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III.

The Search for the Outstanding Filipino Worker Award aims to recognize and honor the outstanding overseas Filipino workers and migrants in the various sectors in Italy. It is dedicated to all of them to uplift their morale, and recognize their outstanding dedication and commitment to their chosen field of service.

Awards were also conferred to Italians who have assisted or continue to advance the cause of Filipino communities in Italy, such as company owners, employers, lawyers, civil organizations, and private individuals.

FEDERFIL was established in 2011 with the primary objective of uniting the various Filipino communities and associations of Filipino migrant workers in Italy.

The categories of awards conferred were in the fields of caregiving and medical service, household, hotel, restaurant and related services, civic organizations, entrepreneurship, and the youth sector.

Filipino traditional songs and dances were performed throughout the event. All those who attended particularly the Awardees were very grateful for the recognition and honor bestowed upon them.