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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: I recently got married, do I need to change my surname and adopt the surname of my husband?
Married women have the option to retain their maiden name or adopt the surname of her husband or her maiden surname with the surname of her husband added. However, once she adopts her husband’s surname, she cannot revert to her maiden name unless her husband dies or the marriage is annulled or she is divorced by a foreign spouse. An authenticated death certificate, court decree or marriage certificate with the corresponding annotation are required for reverting to the maiden name.

Q: I want to renew my child’s passport, can any of my other children (at least 18 years old) file the application in my behalf or can I authorize somebody else to file it for me?
No. Only parents or legal guardians are allowed to file the passport application of their child who is below 18 years of age.

Q: I am applying for passport renewal but my name is spelled incorrectly in my current passport, what do I need to do to correct it?
Present an authenticated birth certificate showing the correct spelling and other documents issued by a Philippine government agency showing the correct spelling and an affidavit of explanation of the discrepancy. However, holders of permesso di soggiorno are advised to carefully consider if they want to make the correction given the possibility of problems with Italian authorities in view of the conflict of names.

Q: The town where I was born is now part of a new province, what should I indicate as my place of birth in my passport application? The old or new province?
In order to avoid problems with Italian authorities, it is advised that you indicate the old province in the data for place of birth.

Q: Can I apply for passport renewal even if my current passport is still valid for 2 years?
Yes. A passport need not be expired or close to expiration before it may be renewed. However, the previous passport will be cancelled upon release of the new passport since no person can have two or more valid passports.


Q. How long does it take for the Report of Birth to be registered with the NSO?
It usually takes about one to two months. Upon receipt of the Report of Birth with complete attached documentary requirements, the Consulate shall forward it to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila for onward transmittal to the NSO.

Q. The Comune issued a birth certificate with only my child’s name and time, date and place of birth, is this sufficient?
No. The birth certificate should also include the name of the father and mother of the child. The parent’s identities should clearly be established in the document.

Q. Is it possible for my child to adopt his/her father’s surname even if we are not married and without his consent?
No. The child’s father has to acknowledge paternity over the child and allow the use of his surname if he is not married to the mother.


Q: Do I need to personally appear at the Consulate if I will execute an affidavit or a special power of attorney? Can I delegate it to a representative instead?
The person/s who will execute an affidavit, SPA, deeds or other documents requiring notarization or acknowledgment must personally appear at the Consulate. This cannot be delegated to someone else.


Q: I recently acquired Italian citizenship and I would want to be a dual Filipino-Italian citizen, how long do I need to wait to re-acquire my Filipino citizenship?
There is no waiting period for re-acquiring Filipino citizenship. Former Filipino citizens can re-acquire their Filipino citizenships immediately after acquiring their Italian citizenship by submitting the required documents and undergoing the procedure under the law.

Q. What is a balikbayan privilege?
A balikbayan privilege entitles its holder to stay in the Philippines for a maximum of one (1) year upon arrival, without visa issued by a Philippine embassy or consulate. Spouses and unmarried children below 18 years of age of Filipino/ former Filipino nationals may avail themselves of this privilege if they travel to the Philippines with their Filipino/ former Filipino spouses or parent/s.


Q: How long can a visa holder stay in the Philippines?
Normally, a visitor with a visa is given a 59-day stay in the Philippines. Should a visitor wish to remain longer than this authorized initial stay of 59 days, he may request an extension of stay from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

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